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Now is the Time to be Selfish About Your Health

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Yup. You read it right. Now is the time to be selfish about your own health.

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Why? What sense does this even make?

Because nobody else is going to save you unless you save yourself. And now is the time for you to do that.

For the last 2 years you have heard directives on how to keep everyone else healthy.

“Stay 2 meters apart to protect others.”
“Wear a mask to protect others.”
“Don’t mix with other people or large groups to protect others.”
“You can’t visit Grandma or Grandpa in their home to protect them.”

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You’re told to do all of this to protect others. Who is going to protect you? And how do you go about protecting yourself? What does that even mean?

Vaccination is pretty much the only thing you have heard that you should do. However, since that is outside of my scope I cannot discuss that. But have you heard of anything else that you should be doing? The government hasn’t told you anything else have they?

This is where it gets frustrating. This is where I have been frustrated for a long time and nothing will change until you become selfish about your health.

Absolutely everything that has to do with your health requires some form of work and there are no quick fixes. There have never been any quick fixes. It requires work and commitment and it doesn’t matter what health battle you are facing.

But hear me out.

What have you done to improve your health in these last two years of the pandemic?

Have you lost that extra 5, 10, 15 or more pounds that you’ve been carrying?

Have you changed your dietary habits to reduce the amount of sodium, sugars, and fats that you take in? Are you aware that these have an impact on your immune system?

Have you been running or vigorously walking or biking or swimming or lifting weights to improve your cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems?

Have you been meditating or deep breathing or doing yoga to help you cope with the mental stresses that you’ve been experiencing?

Have you been taking vitamins, minerals, and supplements specific to keeping your immune system healthy?

No? Yes? Why? Why not?

If this blog comes across being frustrated then you are correct: it’s time for each one of us to move our health up in priority otherwise this pandemic we are in will never end. We will never escape because there will be waves with peaks that stress our health care system. But you can help decrease that strain in this additional way that has not been publicized.

We cannot simply depend on an EXTERNAL intervention and expect lasting INTERNAL results. It simply DOES NOT WORK.

You can’t come see me and get adjusted and then expect to be pain free going forward if you do not keep up with the simple stretches or exercises that you are given alongside preventative care.

You can’t go to the dentist, get your cavity filled and have your teeth cleaned and then keeping eating sugary treats, not brush and floss them properly, and avoid regular cleanings and expect to not get another cavity.

You can’t see a psychologist and and not use the coping strategies or mental exercises prescribed to combat your stress and then expect things to change.

You can’t buy a car and not bring it in for its scheduled maintenance and expect it to run just as well as the day you bought it.

Do you see the pattern?

None of this is lasting if you don’t put in the required work. An external intervention can help you but it’s not long lasting.

However not everyone has resources for all of this. But try to do your best. Every little bit you do WILL make a difference.

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One thing for sure that we know throughout this pandemic is that the VAST majority of people who have been hospitalized and in the ICU are people who have multiple comorbidities and in MANY of these cases the development of these comorbidities are preventable (please see my blog post here). Let me repeat this: MANY of these comorbidities are preventable.

When are you going to become selfish enough and say, “I’m going to do this and this and this to get myself healthy because I’m the only one who can truly help myself stay healthy”? Nobody is going to save you except yourself.

And I’ll tell you why with this personal story very few people know.

March 13, 2020, right when everything imploded in this world, we were on holidays in the Dominican Republic. Before going into the restaurant for dinner I went into the bathroom and as I was washing up I saw a fellow finish at the urinal (barefooted keep in mind) and walk right out of the washroom without washing his hands. Gross. But it doesn’t end there. After dinner we decided to grab a few things from the buffet to eat in the morning for our early departure home. My wife grabbed one apple and as she turned it over she found a big bite out of it! Gross! So she threw it out, proceeded to get another apple and SAME THING, another big bite out of it! DOUBLE GROSS.

This is why you need to be selfish and take care of your own health. No matter where, no matter when, no matter who, no matter what, the state of your own body is ultimately going to determine whether or not you survive in this society when other people (such as in this example) keep doing what they’re doing.

Do yourself, not anybody else, a favour and get healthy. Put in the time and the effort and reap the rewards. And if you need to be held accountable please let me know, I will be more than happy to ask you how your lifestyle changes are going every time you are in!

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