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Airdrie Chiropractors

Airdrie Chiropractic Husband and Wife Team

Airdrie chiropractors hiking mountains in Alberta

Welcome to Access Chiropractic and Wellness and thank you for choosing us to be your chiropractors in Airdrie. Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor are a husband and wife health and wellness team. They have been in practice since 2001 and have been involved members of the community since moving here in 2004. Their two kids, Liam and Julia, have known Airdrie as their only home.

Airdrie chiropractors Drs. Boyd and Bajor are experts in the health community and avid contributors to making Airdrie healthy. Their premise has always been to move you beyond pain and into good health. It is integral to them that in order to provide health advice, one needs live a healthy lifestyle, thus the advice you receive is from first hand experience. By being active, eating healthy, and maintaining a light hearted and fun-filled environment, you will find that the doctors want to pass on their first hand knowledge. And you will definitely have many laughs along the way! Book your appointment so you can see how our Airdrie chiropractors can help you and your family!

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why choose us?

These chiropractors have the experience you need

Airdrie chiropractors Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor

Drs. Paul Bajor and Jacqueline Boyd have been in practice since 2001. They have additional training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association for care of infants, children, and pregnancies. (Watch a video of Dr. Bajor adjusting a child!) They use a wide variety of different techniques ranging from traditional manual ‘snaps and pops’ techniques to instrument based adjusting to low level cold laser therapy. There is a technique that is suitable for everybody. They also cater to those who are scared or unsure!

As chiropractors they want you to be pain free but they also want more, they want you to feel healthier.  By finding the root cause of your problems you can live the healthy lifestyle you deserve.  “Moving you beyond pain and into good health” is a motto you will hear at the clinic.

community and family values

airdrie chiropractors drs boyd and bajor with kids

Drs. Paul Bajor and Jacqueline Boyd not only work in Airdrie but live in Airdrie and have been here since 2004. They have two kids, Liam and Julia, who have been raised in Airdrie. An established source of health knowledge and a staple in the community, they have been here since 2004. As residents of Airdrie, they have a vested interest in seeing the community grow and be as healthy as possible. This is why the people of Airdrie have relied on these chiropractors to keep them healthy. 

As a family they know what health and lifestyle issues families face and every patient who walks through their front door is treated like family. Our family enjoys helping other families, be a part of ours!

measured and reported care

scan Airdrie chiropractors use to measure your health

Pain is a poor indicator of health and this is why we take objective measurements to determine where the true state of your health. Your first visit includes nervous system and range of motion scans, foot and gait analysis scans, and a full history and physical is performed. Airdrie chiropractors Drs. Boyd and Bajor will review with you their findings and prepare a plan to help you achieve your health goals. However, your progress is measured with established re-evaluations and re-scans to ensure we are seeing the changes we expect. This allows the doctors to make changes or modifications to your care to maximize your health, while allowing you to see physical proof of your success.

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where are we?

We are located behind Superstore off the QE2 (Highway 2) taking the third exit going North out of Calgary or the first exit going South from Red Deer (Veterans’ Boulevard). It is located immediately behind Superstore, Wanderwash, and Dr. Bell’s dental clinic, and across from the three story Aqua apartment complex. We used to be located in the Airdrie CO-OP.