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Watch this to find out how to seize the opportunity

motivational quote whatever you want to do do it there are only so many tomorrows

Hi my name is Dr. Paul Bajor and this is a quick video to talk to you about seizing the opportunity.

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a pretty avid runner and most of the times when I’m at home, running on the treadmill, I think to myself, “boy oh boy, if I could be out in a tropical country, it would be so much easier to run, there would be so much more incentive.” But yet even when you’re out here, sometimes that incentive isn’t as big as you’d want.

So this morning, I woke up extra early, decided to come out to the beach, I never get a chance to do any beach-time running, and figured I’d seize that opportunity that I have, those last few days that I have on holidays and make the most of it. So the point of the video is that you should take any opportunity that you have, whether it’s twenty minutes while the kids are on their way home from school, or whether it’s getting front row tickets to a hockey game, you want to take that opportunity that you have and seize that moment because you never know when you’ll have another opportunity for that.

That way you maximize living and doing what you really want to do! Hopefully you will take that, apply it, and enjoy!

This is our first video blog post so excuse that the camera angle was vertical rather than horizontal. We won’t make that mistake again!

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Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor are also both registered and active members of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).


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