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The BEST way to explain why we land up in pain

When you are in pain you get frustrated and angry

Dr. Bajor addresses why we land up in the pain we do in the video below. Sometimes the pain develops over time and we can feel it but don’t do anything about it until we can barely move, but a lot of the time we land up in pain when the day previous we were fine; we search for answers as to what happened between yesterday and today and wind up empty. Watch below for a great analogy that will hopefully make things clear!

Today I am going to touch base on the most common question that comes into the clinic which is, “how did I land up in this pain?” 90% of the patients coming into the clinic are in pain; 50% of those patients have been having the pain for a little while, it’s been months or years, it’s been worsening, it’s become more intense, and most of the time they will say “I should have taken care of this earlier but I didn’t, and now I’m here today.” The last 50% will come in, they’ve been fine the last few days and then all of a sudden they wake up this morning with neck pain or back pain and are trying to figure out what happened: “I must have had a really bad sleep last night” or “my socks were too hard to put on.”

Now if you’re watching this then you’re probably not in acute pain and can reason that the likelihood of having a really vigorous sleep or a tough time putting socks on today is really no different than any of the other days that you did, so probably that wasn’t the cause. More than likely this was caused by the accumulated stress over time.

So, one of the best ways to explain this is using an analogy of a weightlifter: let’s say there’s a weightlifter and he has a barbell over his shoulders and people are putting on 25 pounds of weight at a time, and people are loading them up and he starts to shake and teeter and at the last second someone puts 2 pounds on and he collapses. Now, was it that 2 pounds that caused him to collapse? No, it was the accumulated weight over time and that last 2 pounds was that ‘extra’ or that ‘tipping point’ that was enough to put it over the edge.

This is the same case with you: the nervous system, which handles all the different stresses on the body, is usually pretty good at dealing with this, however the days on end of working 10-14 hours straight, the kids fighting amongst each other, the lack of sleep, 5 hours at a time interrupted at best, or perhaps eating that fast food in and out because there’s no time to cook because you’re running from one appointment to another, all of this builds builds and builds, hits that point where your body says it can’t do it anymore, your nervous system collapses, and you land up in pain.

At that point you come into the office, chiropractic no doubt will get you out of that pain and discomfort; however, more important are the continued adjustments that you get past that point where you are out of pain are what really count. That is our opportunity to ensure your nervous system is healthy and it’s also our opportunity to check with you: are you stretching actively? are you getting enough sleep? are you doing the exercises to stabilize, are you maximizing your health and taking care of yourself.

This is because if you are not doing all of these things together, you’re going to land up in the same scenario that first brought you in. All of this is to ensure that you are living a good, healthy, proactive and healthy lifestyle and experiencing the most you can out of life!

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Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor are also both registered and active members of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).


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