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Trish Cole, RMT - Massage Therapist

massage therapist Trish Cole picture

Trish Cole RMT began her journey in massage therapy when she was 16 years old. During a 28 day/290km hiking and canoe trip she was massaging her fellow hikers every night and ended up having a line up outside her tent. From there she took the advanced program at PIMT and had the honour of learning from professors who also taught at the U of S. She immediately took the sports diploma after graduating to end up with both a massage therapy and sports diplomas in 2005.  She has also had the honour of being on the board of directors for NHPC. She has taken countless courses to continue her education. Some of her favourites have been Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization from Dr. Vizniak which allows her to feel even more within the tissue and the Waslaski techniques which truly changed the way she treated. She also utilizes cupping to help the tissue to realize the difference in what it can be vs. the point they are at.  Her whole aspect is to always continue to learn off every single client she sees. It’s allowed her to develop her own techniques and teach it to the massage therapists who she had the honour to work along side with in her own practice previously. She has volunteered at 17+ onsite treatments per year to various events from the highland games western competitions (first time having a RMT onsite), Pro strongman competitions, roller derby, Sask marathon, and on countless international athletes. Intra-oral massage has also become a staple in her practice for so many who suffer from jaw issues and migraine headaches. She is all about demanding more out of massage therapy and truly seeing what it can do for countless issues ranging from chronic back, sciatic, knee, severe arthritis and even depression. It is not about the “no pain no gain” but instead truly listening to the tissue on what it actually needs. It is about tricking the body physiologically to function better. Being able to treat such a wide variety of people allows Trish to always learn, never be bored, and always be inspired.  Come see what massage therapy can do for you.

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