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Not complaining kids are healthy – NOT!!!

upset child

Just because your kids don’t complain of pain, doesn’t mean that they’re healthy.

As parents, it’s easy for us to take our children’s health for granted because it’s not often that they complain….. about their health, that is. And we typically don’t hear or see the same sorts of things that  we do with ourselves as adults. As a parent myself, it is rare for our kids to say they have neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc. When symptoms arise, only THEN do we listen. Or maybe we don’t. “Your back is sore because you fell last week, don’t worry, it will go away.” “I’m sure your tummy is upset because you didn’t eat well at lunch.” “I know you fell flat on your head in gymnastics, but give it a few days, you’ll start being able to turn your head to the right soon.” (perhaps that last one was too much).

Many children are overweight, chronically unwell, and are unable to concentrate. Kids have to deal with the stressors of the world too and it’s important that we give them the tools to be able to be healthier and resilient. As parents, we can usually identify if something is not quite right with our kids, and if we suspect this, we should be asking questions: “why is my child chronically unwell? Why is he constipated? Why can’t she concentrate?”

If your vehicle was consistently pulling to the right and your tires started to wear oddly, would you simply replace the tires with new ones and continue driving a vehicle that pulled to the right? If your check engine light came on, would you simply put a piece of tape over it and continue driving? Of course not. That would be insane.

Let’s say your child has been constipated. I am sure you would probably wonder ‘why’ she is constipated, but would you be quick to give a laxative? I hope not. I hope you would ask some of the following questions: Is she drinking enough water? Is she eating too many bananas? Is she consuming too much rice? Is she eating a lot of sugary foods? Is her pelvis and low back out of line that is inadvertently putting pressure on her lumbar nerves that have direct innervation to the digestive system and that is why she can’t pass stool?

Our bodies, adults and kids, are remarkable in that they are able to heal and regenerate on their own…… when it is FUNCTIONING and COORDINATING itself WELL. We need to help teach our kids that health comes from within and that their bodies have tremendous intelligence and capacity to ward off illness, then early signs like a runny nose or a sore throat will not be seen as a signal to take antibiotics, but an indication that they need to slow down, get lots of rest, and boost their immune system with natural foods. Drugs are not always the answer.

Don’t doubt the body’s ability to heal itself. If you cut yourself, you don’t think twice that the wound will stop bleeding, close up, scab over, and be healed do you? But sometimes, when your body, your nervous system, is facing physical, emotional, and chemical stresses, your body is overloaded and cannot handle the barrage coming forward. Your nervous system is trying to handle a thousand things at a time, and normally it’s really good at it, but given enough pressure and enough time, it’s not a matter of IF it’s going to fail, it’s a matter of WHEN. Chiropractic is there to prevent that WHEN.

Do yourself, your kids, your family a favour, get yourselves checked by one of the Drs. at our clinic. The healthier your nervous system is, the healthier you will be. Don’t wait for your check engine light to come on.

Some information in this article came from the February issue of the newsletter published by the ICPA, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

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Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor are also both registered and active members of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).


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