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the most custom foot orthotics in airdrie

Our custom foot orthotics are built right from scratch. We use 3D printing to make the most customized foot orthotic that you can get.

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get rid of your pain

Flat feet are the cause of many different pains: foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, leg pain, and back pain just to name a few. Are you tired of not being able to do activities? Is even just standing or walking painful? Get your life back! Our custom orthotics can help you LIVE your life.

woman on ground holding foot in pain
custom foot orthotic

latest technology

We use the latest and most innovative technology and materials to create an orthotic customized to your foot. Our 3D scanner creates the most accurate image of your foot to create an orthotic that is built via a 3D printer from the ground up. This allows for a very thin, light, and strong orthotic for all your activities.

insurance coverage

Most insurance companies cover custom foot orthotics. We provide all the paperwork you will need:
– receipt of purchase (payment is on day of foot scan)
– gait assessment and diagnosis
– lab receipt / proof of manufacturing / date of dispensing
– chiropractic prescription (if needed)

We do not direct bill and some insurances may require a medical prescription for reimbursement from insurance

filling out paperwork

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