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Chiropractic and Summer Holidays

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Summer vacation – chiropractic does not take one!

 One of the most common things that we hear at the clinic at this time of year is: “Well, we have a lot of trips/holidays/things to do/projects this summer so I think I’ll just wait until September when the kids are back in school to come in for my regular adjustment. But if something comes up or I notice some pain, I’ll make sure to book in earlier.”

I know that many of you may take summer holidays. Some take a few days to a few weeks, some take the whole summer off (maybe you’re a teacher?), but what is consistent across the board is that your body and your nervous system do not take time off. In fact, I could argue that it may be a time of the time of the year you may need an adjustment even more.

Let’s take for example what I did this weekend: Friday night mowed the grass, Saturday morning I rollerbladed/ran with the kids, and the rest of the afternoon was spent digging up part of my front lawn so that I could shove gravel under the front walkway that washed out over the years. 7 wheelbarrow loads of soil dug up. 17 25kg bags of pea gravel, transported from the store to the truck to our front yard to our walkway, pounded and compacted in with a rake.Sunday, all day, was spent with further pounding, then removing and lifting and moving 8 80 pound 3×3 flat concrete tiles, and  smoothing the ground underneath, and then replacing those 8 80 pound tiles.

For some of you, this is your occupation. For me, this is not a daily affair. The more time off I have in the summer, the more physical I am, whether for work or play. Many of you are in the same boat. Some of you are out waterskiing. Some of you may be camping and sleeping on those ‘oh so comfortable’ trailer or tent mattresses. And some of you may even be driving for long distances at a time to go visit those relatives whom you love so dearly that you will be willing to spend one week on their hide-a-bed.

Is this different from your regular job? Is this a stress? Do you still require chiropractic care? YES is the correct answer for each of these questions.

Sticking to your regular maintenance chiropractic care and ensuring all subluxations are cleared (whether there is more of a physical component than the mental stressors you normally experience or vice versa) is no less important in the summer.

Sure, you may have to come at 10am instead of your 5pm ‘on your way home from work’ adjustment time, but sometimes I too like to live on the wild side of life! Keep up with your regular care and make sure you have a healthy nervous system all year round!

Please feel free to visit our website at or our Facebook page at!  You can also call to book with Dr. Bajor at the north location behind the Superstore at 403-945-1349 or contact the south location in the Airdrie CO-OP at 403-945-0855 to book with Drs. Jacqueline Boyd or Katie Lingard!

Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor are also both registered and active members of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).


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