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Airdrie Chiropractor Shows 3 Ways to Adjust Kids

airdrie chiropractor dr paul bajor shows how he adjusts kids

Have you ever been adjusted before? If yes, then you know what a chiropractic adjustment is like. Did you know we adjust kids? Right from birth as infants? Have you ever seen a kid get adjusted? Adjustments for our “mini-me’s” are often different from those of adults. It surprises me how many patients, new AND existing, don’t know that kids get adjusted! Why? The most common answer is, “they never really complain about any pain.” And this is often the case. But why?

Kids are resilient. They are pliable, meaning they can absorb a lot of falls and hits and, after a short cry, just keep going. Just because they don’t complain about having pain, does that mean their bodies aren’t affected? How many times have you seen a child fall off the bike, jump off the top of a high swing, take a big hit in hockey, get pushed into the boards at soccer, fail at a gymnastics tumbling routine, etc.? All the time! How many times have you cringed and said, “that’s gotta hurt.”?

Kids are not indestructible. Just because they are not complaining of symptoms does not mean that their body and nervous system are not affected.  Adjustments for kids are conservative and gentle, and the results are a healthy nervous system that is the first step in ensuring all other systems are healthy as well!

Watch below three different styles of adjustments for kids at Access Chiropractic and Wellness!


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Drs. Jacqueline Boyd and Paul Bajor are also both registered and active members of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).